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Want to be a Reseller?

If you are a distributor or retailer and want to work with us, please register for an account. You will need to email us proof of business - a business registration document. Your account will not be activated until we receive this proof and we have validated your details. Please do not register if you are not a distributor or retailer.

Some products are restricted to certain countries and you may not be able to purchase the product. If you are interested in these products please contact us for further information.

Companies outside the EU, please contact us for further information.

If you want your company's logo and link to be added to our website please contact us. You must offer 4 or more of our products to qualify and must be in the EU. Also if you can tell us what distributor you purchased the products from, if you did not purchase the products directly from us.
(We have the right to reject and remove the logos and link at any time).